Benjamin Harrison Statue
The Benjamin Harrison Memorial site.



On east New York Street, north of the Federal Courthouse, the southernmost monument in University Park honors the service of the 23rd President Benjamin Harrison, VIII (1889-1893). Located in the center of the block and surrounded by a limestone plaza, the life-sized bronze of Harrison, designed by Henry Bacon, was created by artist Charles Niehaus in 1908. During Harrison’s campaign to become the president of the United States, University Park was favorite site for public speaking as large crowds could gather easily in the space. Harrison’s home was located a mile north of the park and his law office was just two blocks away, proving him easy access to the venue. Indiana’s only president to date, Harrison would cite his service during the American Civil War, in which he rose to the rank of Brigadier General, as his highest accomplishment. An inscription, at the site, notes Harrison as A Volunteer Soldier in the War for the Union. Building on his remembrances of the horrors of war, as president, Harrison worked to resolve a brewing conflict with Chile. However. understanding the need to remain vigilant, he also pushed for the expansion of the United States Navy.[1] Harrison’s gravesite is located in Crown Hill cemetery.[2]

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