War Memorial Plaza
The War Memorial Plaza in Indianapolis




The war memorial sites in Indianapolis are a Hoosier heritage waiting to be shared. The stories evoked by visiting memorial sites offer the opportunity for family histories to be passed down from generation to generation. The monuments in Indianapolis have become backdrops for social events, and people who see them while attending these events do not know the history of why the sites were built, the people they honor, or an understanding of the art and architecture. Visiting them in person or virtually reawakens the memory of shared history, commemorates the service of veterans and others who supported them, and allows us to pause and reflect on our own personal connections, losses, and recognition of the costs of war on humankind. 

Walking Tours

You are invited to visit Indianapolis and experience these war memorials for yourself. Please enjoy the two options for a walking tour. The tour path can be started at any point in the loop. The full three-mile tour can be done in two hours at a casual pace and allowing for time to view each memorial site. If you choose to include a visit to the Indiana World War Memorial Museum and Shrine Room located inside the Indiana World War Memorial building, a visit times of 2-3 hours is suggested.