9/11 Memorial
The Indiana 9/11 Memorial
Twin Tower beam
One of two Twin Tower beams at the 9/11 Memorial

The construction of the Indiana 9/11 Memorial was organized in 2010 and promoted through efforts of Greg Hess, an Indianapolis firefighter who helped with the search and rescue in New York on an Indiana Task Force FEMA team, just days after the attack. The 9/11 Memorial is located by Indianapolis Fire Station 13 on West Ohio Street and overlooks the Canal. Two beams from the Twin Towers, which were escorted by more than 11,000 motorcyclists to Indianapolis, are the focus of the monument. A bronze eagle, facing east, perches on the tallest beam. Granite structures surrounding the beams are etched with timelines and quotes to evoke remembrance. Slated for inclusion at the site by September 11, 2021, the 20th anniversary of the tragedy, are a piece of Indiana Limestone from the damaged Pentagon wall and a Survivor Tree. [1] Following the attack, a single tree endured on Ground Zero and is by the South Pool. A seedling from that tree will be planted at this site. The American Legion gave $50,000 to start the fund-raising efforts. Retired General Stewart Goodwin, the Executive Director of the Indiana War Memorials Commission cites this as an opportunity to honor “over 5000 of our military brothers and sisters who (have) paid the ultimate price of terrorism” since 9/11/2001. [2]


9/11 list
9/11 Power of One

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9/11 quote
A quote inscribed at the Indiana 9/11 Memorial

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